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Commercial Truck Liability

    Commercial Truck Liability Insurance (also called Auto Liability Insurance, Semi Truck Insurance, or Commercial Auto Insurance) provides coverage for injuries or damage, caused by you, to other people or property.

    If you manage a fleet of trucks or you’re a professional trucker who drives a tractor-trailer or semi, you need a special type of commercial truck insurance to protect your livelihood and your business. While it’s technically called an Auto Liability Policy, it is insurance for a commercial truck tailored with the protection and limits you need to safeguard your rig.

    In a nutshell, when a truck driver hits another vehicle on the road, the motor carrier may be responsible for paying for the damages that arise from the accident. Auto Liability Coverage, also known as trucking Auto Liability, can protect motor carriers from the legal liability that comes along with the ownership and use of their commercial truck.


    • Own or operate a commercial truck or company vehicle
    • Provide hauling or freight services
    • Transport or deliver goods

    We focus solely on commercial truck insurance, so we understand that without wheels on the ground, you aren’t making money. If you have a claim, our top priority is getting you back on the road quickly.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does Commercial Truck Liability insurance typically cover?
    Commercial Truck Liability insurance typically covers bodily injury and property damage to others in the operation of your truck. Joe Morten & Son, Inc. offers commercial truck liability insurance through Great West Casualty Company, a leading commercial trucking insurance provider.
    Are there any exclusions in commercial truck liability insurance policies?
    Yes, liability insurance for trucks typically has specific exclusions. Common exclusions may include intentional injuries or damages caused by the insured and liabilities under workers compensation or similar laws. It's important to review the policy with your Joe Morten & Son agent for details on specific exclusions relevant to your operations.
    What happens if my commercial truck is involved in an accident in another state?
    The insurance coverages offered by Joe Morten & Son typically provide protection regardless of the state an accident occurred in. Liability claim settlements can vary by state based on the nature and facts of an accident and whether the state is a no-fault, comparative fault, or contributory negligence state.
    What steps can I take to reduce my commercial truck liability risks?
    Joe Morten & Son encourages its customers to perform proper maintenance of their vehicles, perform pre-trip inspections, and actively engage in safety and loss control programs offered by insurance providers such as Great West Casualty Company.
    How do I file a claim for a Commercial Truck Liability insurance policy?
    To file a claim, please contact Great West Casualty Company at 800.229.8040 in the United States or Canada, 24 hours a day, any day of the year.