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Shift Into Top G.E.A.R. ®


A Comprehensive Consultative Experience

What sets Joe Morten & Son apart as a leading trucking insurance provider is Top G.E.A.R.®, an operational improvement program that delivers a robust set of risk management solutions specifically for the trucking industry. Top G.E.A.R.® is a true differentiator in the trucking industry. Its unique platform provides innovative, customer-centric solutions to improve the operational health of the customers which it serves.

After taking a simple online assessment, our risk management team will initiate consultations. The assessment results are integrated with industry-specific benchmarks and analytics to build long-term safety and loss prevention strategies. The ultimate aim is to identify, quantify, and minimize client risk exposures; the end goal is a trucking company that is hitting on all cylinders, one that is operating in Top G.E.A.R.®



General Review 

Find out of how well your company is performing by using our online assessment tool, backed by years of experience.


Enterprise Analytics 

Combining the assessment results, proprietary loss data, and industry benchmarks, a snapshot of your company is created identifying areas of excellence and areas of improvement.


Application of Programs  

Based on the information and results gathered, Joe Morten & Son risk management specialists will identify programs and resources to address agreed-upon areas of improvement.



Our risk management specialists will work with you to monitor the progress of the programs you have implemented and revisit benchmarks as a comparative tool.
While some trucking companies just try to survive, Joe Morten & Son will allow you to shift into Top G.E.A.R.®