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Commercial General Liability

    Commercial general liability insurance protects your business from claims like bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, and more.

    Our commercial general liability insurance (sometimes called Business Liability Insurance) covers both your business premises and operations with broad coverage for bodily injury and property damage (other than autos), personal and advertising injury, some medical expenses, products and completed operations, fire legal liability on rental property, garage liability, and erroneous delivery of products.

    Commercial general liability insurance provides broad coverage for the types of activities you perform daily in your trucking business. Examples of business activities include meetings with customers, delivering products, and marketing your trucking business. It also provides your company with protection against the actions of your drivers while they represent your company. 


    Employee Benefits Liability Coverage

    This provides liability coverage for clerical errors related to administering your employee benefits program.

    When you run a business, there are three types of insurance coverage you need if you are an employer administering benefits programs and handling employees’ funds under the Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).

    Employee Benefits Liability Coverage is an endorsement to your Commercial General Liability Policy. It covers legal liability the insured incurs in administering the company employee benefits programs. One of the primary reasons to add this coverage is to pay for defense costs associated with a covered loss.

    The other two insurance endorsements your business needs are Dishonesty Coverage to protect your business from the theft of funds by a program administrator (this coverage is mandated by federal law), and Fiduciary Liability Coverage for the management of an employee benefit, pension plan and plan asset management.

    Covered employee health benefits programs are:

    • Group life, health, dental, or disability insurance
    • Profit-sharing plans
    • IRAs
    • Savings plans
    • Pension plans
    • Stock subscription plans
    • Unemployment insurance, Social Security benefits, or workers' compensation and disability benefits
    • Auto, homeowner’s, and legal advice insurance
    • Travel and vacation plans
    • Educational tuition reimbursement plans

    Typical claims under this coverage would be:

    • Advising an employee on which stock to buy. Because your staff benefit manager usually works with the CEO and CFO, ERISA makes them all personally liable for the decision.
    • Failure to sign up a new employee for requested medical insurance.
    • An error terminating a benefit for an active employee.
    • Forgetting to offer optional benefits.
    • Forgetting to offer dependent coverage.
    • Forgetting to offer a spouse’s option for a retirement plan.

    Please note that there are a couple of highlighted exclusions:

    • Bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, or advertising injury
    • Any act you or your staff carry out which is an ERISA fiduciary responsibility

    Contact an agent about this coverage.