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Optional Truck Insurance

    At Joe Morten & Son, Inc., we take pride in the solid reputation we’ve built by providing protection and outstanding customer service to thousands of clients in the truck industry across the country. We have specialized exclusively in truck insurance since 1936, so we’ve seen and evaluated pretty much every kind of risk that a trucking business can throw our way.

    Backed by that deep experience, our team of trucking insurance experts knows the right questions to ask about where and how your business operates and the risks your employees and drivers face every day. We can help you find coverage for nuances of your trucking operations that other agents haven’t ever considered and help you find options to lower our premiums as well as manage your cash flow while keeping your crew and your business protected.  Here are some unique trucking insurance options we’ve created to protect you and your business against the risks you face in the trucking industry.


    Workers Compensation
    • Contingent Casualty Coverage—Can be written in conjunction with OCC/ACC to provide benefits equivalent to Workers Compensation Coverage in the event an independent contractor succeeds in a claim of being an employee rather than an independent contractor.
    • Employee Benefits Liability Coverage—Provides liability coverage for clerical errors related to administering various types of employee benefit programs.
    • Occupational Accident Coverage OCC/ACC—For carriers who use independent contractors, this coverage provides accidental death, dismemberment, paralysis, disability, and medical expenses to drivers for injuries sustained while under dispatch.
    • Stop-Gap Employers Liability—Provides employers liability coverage in states where workers compensation must be purchased from a state fund (ND, OH, WA or WY).
    Broker/Freight Forwarding Contingent Coverage This coverage protects you in situations where your business brokers or forwards a load to another trucking company that is insured. It can be applied to truck liability or cargo Insurance for damage to a load when the hauling carrier’s insurance policy can’t or won’t pay all or part of the loss.
    Garagekeepers Coverage

    If you run a shop, tow vehicles, store equipment or containers owned by someone else, or let other truckers park in your lot, you could be responsible if something happens to their property. Garagekeepers Coverage provides physical damage insurance for trucks, tractors, or trailers that you do not own — but that are in your possession for towing, servicing, repair, parking, or storage as part of your garage business. It even covers the property of owner-operators.

    To help you maintain your relationships, we make Garagekeepers Coverage primary, meaning it will kick in before the vehicle owner’s policy, and it will compensate the owner even if you’re not responsible for the losses (if, for instance, they’re caused by hail or a tornado).

    Garagekeepers Coverage includes the Property-of-Others Endorsement to insure your business when you’re working on someone else’s loaded trailer. It protects you against damages to their cargo, including theft. (Many people don’t realize that since it’s not your cargo, your policy doesn’t provide coverage.)

    The Garagekeepers Coverage is subject to a per-loss limit of insurance, so you’ll want to get covered for your maximum potential loss at any one location.

    Bulk and Tank Carriers

    At Joe Morten & Son, providing specialty truck insurance coverages is what we do day in and day out. That’s because insuring trucking businesses is our only business. We’ve spent more than 65 years immersed in the trucking industry and developing insurance coverage tuned to address the risks associated with specific trucking operations and cargo.

    Bulk haulers and freight businesses are no exception. Through Great West Casualty Company, we offer a number of specialty truck insurance options that address specific or unique situations that bulk haulers and freight businesses face.

    For bulk commodity carriers, Great West’s specialty coverage provides a multi-pronged approach to protecting your operation, your cargo, and your trucks.

    Advantages of a Great West Policy

    • We insure bulk commodity carriers of both hazardous and non-hazardous materials.
    • Our bulk commodity carrier coverage protects nearly every aspect of your bulk commodity operation.
    • Our commercial general liability policy for bulk commodity carriers includes important coverages that you’ll find are often excluded by other insurance providers. For example, when a truck delivery is complete, any subsequent bodily injury or property damage loss is still covered by our policy without the need for additional endorsements.
    • Great West’s Cargo Coverage for tank haulers really stands out as well. Our cargo policy covers losses that include loading, unloading, or damage to cargo from misdelivery, such as gasoline that’s emptied into the wrong tank.
    • Our Physical Damage Coverage has no restrictions on stainless steel or insulated tankers.
    • Our auto liability policy covers losses related to cargo pollution, such as liquid or gas spreading over land after a semi truck has overturned.
    • Repairs to tank trailers can be time-consuming, so Great West's auto policy also includes coverage for downtime.
    • We can meet the financial requirements for hazmat filings.
    Freight Broker Coverage

    As a freight broker, we recognize that you have unique insurance needs because you are acting as a freight agent for your shippers. Freight brokers are required to register with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and supply evidence of a $75,000 surety bond.

    That’s why we offer several specialty truck insurance coverages to meet the needs of freight brokerages through Great West Casualty Company.

    Great West Freight Broker Insurance Options Include:

    1. Auto Liability and Cargo Coverage for Brokers,
    2. Motor Carriers - Named Broker as Insured Coverage (including Cargo), and
    3. Second-Level Coverage Endorsement, which provides you protection in excess of what is required by the motor carrier in your contractual agreement. 
    Freight Forwarder Coverage

    As a freight forwarder, you act as a common carrier for your shippers. That means you also have special insurance requirements to protect your business. In addition, you have to provide motor carrier filings and register with the FMCSA as a freight forwarder.

    That’s why we offer several specialty truck insurance coverages to protect freight forwarders through Great West Casualty Company.

    Great West Freight Forwarder Coverage Options Include:

    1. Auto Liability and Cargo Coverage for Freight Forwarders,
    2. Motor Carriers - Named Freight Forwarders as Insured Coverage; and
    3. Second-Level Coverage Endorsement, which provides your business protection in excess of what is required by your motor carrier in your contractual agreement.

    Because freight forwarders are required to have liability filings with the FMCSA, we save you time and effort by making those filings for you. Great West will also issue an MCS-90 endorsement, if appropriate.